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Hello there! I'm Jono Ward, a South African developer living in South-West London. I'm starting this blog to journal all the interesting things I learn everyday in my job as a software developer. I've decided to build my own blog engine as an excuse to try new technologies. I know what you're thinking, that I'm re-inventing the wheel, and you're absolutely right! Is this a wise thing to do, considering I could just install Wordpress in a few clicks, select a snazzy theme and start blogging nearly immediately? Probably not, but then I wouldn't get to build stuff :) Because I'll need a reasonable tool to blog with, it should give me the incentive (i.e. kick in the ass) I need to actually ship something. On the tech side, I'm basically a .NET guy, but I like what the Alt.NET community stands for, and I also want to dabble with new technologies, maybe Ruby and Python to get a feel for what it's like to build stuff in those environments.

It would be awesome to get feedback from anyone taking the time out to read my blog, so please feel free to comment on my posts, or if you'd like to get in touch, you can email me on jonoward[at]gmail.com

But enough waffle, let's get cracking...

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